I’m Rafàa Sleiman, the mom with a DIY hat.

Born and raised in Lebanon, my mom has always inspired me and instilled in me a passion for learning. She always advised me to take the “I don’t know” statement out of my dictionary and for that I’m very grateful for her, especially that I had to leave my country and make a new start all by myself.

Though I have been working in the Marketing industry for a good 15 years with an ambition to grow my career and reach higher positions, the birth of my daughters made me look at life from a different perspective. Though my career path was still important, it did not remain a priority.

While taking care of my kids, I discovered my passion to do everything related to them myself starting with the basic ingredients for meal preparation, decorating every corner in the house, planting our garden, creating games, hairbands, bracelets, and all that makes my two munchkins happy.

Living abroad with a family to look after, has always motivated me to DIY. Seeing more families being obliged to move, displace, or change their lifestyle to possibly save in a way or another, made me create this website. Through www.whynotdiy.me you may find my passion for DIY, my motivation, as well as all required information, tips, and instructions to do homemade ingredients, healthy recipes, cost-saving home décor, simple art and crafts tricks all by yourselves.

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