Privacy Policy

Visitors’ Data as per the Privacy Policy

As per the privacy policy of the website, Why not DIY store its log files on the webserver like all other websites. Accordingly, these log files may include your IP address, source or referring page, date and time of visit as well as your browser type.


Our website uses cookies to record your preferences and improve your browsing experience when you visit Why Not DIY. These cookies allow us to track your return visits to Why Not DIY and save your email address when you subscribe to our newsletter. However, you have the right to accept or decline cookies upon landing on the website. You may as well block cookies by accessing the settings feature on your browser. However, please note that blocking cookies may result in failing to access some specific feature of our website.

Usage of visitors’ data

The data received through the cookies will allow Why not DIY to enhance our visitors’ experience when visiting the website.In addition, it will allow us as well to show you content of interest, be it blogs & articles, suggestions or ads.

Why Not DIY will never sell or lease any personal information or mailing list to any third party. This is inline with our privacy policy. We do not as well use the services of any third-party agency to disseminate messages, emails or newsletters. All communication will solely occur directly from Why Not DIY. Hence we use a mailing system for the same.

Newsletter subscription

Upon subscribing to our newsletter, a welcoming email will be sent to you including instructions to unsubscribe should you prefer to stop receiving any new update from Why Not DIY.

Google Ads

We have subscribed our website to Google AdSense which allows Google to post ads on our pages. Google uses DART cookies to serve ads to you. This is done depending on your preferences, and the website you visit as you surf the internet.

Website visitors are advised to review Google ad and content network privacy policy if they wish to opt-out from DART cookie use.

Affiliate programs

This website is an Amazon Amazon Associate. It includes some links to products available for purchase on Amazon. If you click on the link from this website, you will be directed to the page of the product on the Amazon website. Hence, if you purchase this product within a certain period as per Amazon guidelines, this purchase will be considered a qualifying purchase by Amazon. Accordingly, I earn from qualifying purchases at no added cost to you.