Work With Me

Work with me

DIY means using the right material and ingredients in the best way to get the outcome desired.


I developed this concept after seeing a surge among people to DIY. Going back to nature has always triggered me and I have noticed a high interest in the community, on the search engines and social media platforms.


With a long bail of experience in marketing, paired with a strong and interesting concept of DIY, I am very grateful to see my Why Not DIY project succeed in no time. In less than 6 months, the website observed high traffic from different parts of the world, and the social media pages are growing exponentially and organically.


It will be my pleasure to recommend your products, once tried and tested, to my audience and share with them why I recommend purchasing your brand.


How we can work together?

Before starting any campaign, I invite you to sit together and discuss your strategy, your key messages, your brand guidelines, and your objectives.

In addition, we will have a deep conversation about your customers and their behavior.

Throughout these meetings, we will review the demographics of the Why Not DIY audience, from gender to age, nationality… and their interest.

These discussions will pave the way for us both to put a supportive strategy for our campaign, allowing us to reach out to a wider audience, through the right channel and specific messages.


What can I offer to your brand?

  • Recommend your brand in the list of ingredients or material required
  • Develop recipes / decorative items / crafts around your product line
  • Conduct shared live sessions on both my pages and your brand’s page on social media
  • Sponsor posts on my social media pages
  • Act as your brand ambassador

Kindly contact me on the following email: to explore this opportunity together.

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